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IMG_0745Slim Chance (founder)
has been instigating Circus anywhere he could his entire life; in school, in church, and in the Military, till graduating from college with a double major of Arts For Social-Change and Anti-psychiatry where he studied movement and taught himself  how to escape from a straight jacket. Upon graduation He ran away with the circus and began learningon stilts and clowning, object balance,  juggling, rolla-bolla, unicycling and acrobalance. In the last fifteen years he has written at least a dozen shows and performed with many small independent troupes including: The Nomadic Festival, The End of the World Circus and The Cyclown Circus, in 2004 co-created Circo Mutante and co-wrote, “The Dream Machine.” He founded ClownSnotBombs in 2006 and has toured the country extensively by veggie-oil buses. He has hosted a free weekly circus skill-share since 2002, and has been teaching youth circus arts classes since 2001. Slim has appeared in several films including: Patina in the Fog, Bike like you mean it, Hell on Wheels, Unicorns: the movie, Behind the Bellows, and others.

IMG_0753Kristen Parks (producer) has been with ClownSnotBombs since 2006 and is the resident costumer, flyer designer, website developer, grant writer and fundraiser for the group. Formerly a research technician at Stanford, she now spends her days as a clown, unicyclist, juggler, children’s entertainer, musician, and circus arts teacher. She also runs a corporate events service Circosphere Entertainment and children’s entertainment company called Barrel Full of Monkeys Entertainment. Kristen and Slim teach circus arts classes for kids at University Village in Albany, El Cerrito Parks and Rec, and Kensington Community Center. She has appeared in several films including the Sundance film “Unicorns” and the accordion documentary “Behind the Bellows.” Kristen currently trains at Athletic Playground and with Leonard Pitt.

IMG_0785Ruckus Muckus (performer), or Cathy Diebold is a clown, mime, hooper and performance artist. She specializes in performances, costuming, adorning special events, teaching circus arts, distorting theatrics, and face painting. When Ruckus is around you’re in for a mind bending reality warping, playfully original blend of theatrical interactivity, costume innovation, circus arts, creative movement, and clowning. Ruckus has studied clown and mime at the Clown Conservatory and at Flying Actor’s Studio in San Francisco. Since joining ClownSnotBombs in 2011, Cathy has starred in three of our productions. Her entertainment company is your one stop shop for all things wacky, for more information visit her website.

IMG_0837Ben Goldstein (Beppo Al Diente) (composer, musician) is a classically trained and highly versatile multi-instrumentalist who has been making music for as long as he can remember, which is snot a joke about his short term memory.  He started piano at age 4 and that remains his main squeeze, but also plays ‘cello, guitar, flute, djembe, tamboura, accordion….in fact give him pretty much anything that can make a sound, and he will be making music for you with it licketysplit!  Ben became a SnotBomb in 2007 after we heard him jamming on an old upright where we were having our circus skillshare.  We loved his fabulous ragtime!  Ben writes a lot of the music in our shows, and draws his inspiration from a cornucopia of musical styles, ranging  from classical, ragtime to jazz, blues, r&b, folk/ethnic, latin and world. Some of his other interests include cooking, drumming circles, computers, and changing the world.

IMG_0889Carlos Kampff (composer, musician), or Bogus Al Dente, is a multitalented instrumentalist and sound engineer. Born in Argentina to a musical family, Carlos has called California home since 2008. He performs as a guitarist with The Jaunting Martyrs, Sarah Judge and with ClownSnotBombs. Carlos received a BA in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music and also trained at the Flying Actor Studio’s Physical Theater Conservatory, where he focused on coupling music with movement. Carlos teaches kids to be rock stars after-school and organizes a summer music programs called Star Power.


Susan Abbott or SuzyQ Suzy was born in San Francisco and has not strayed very far from her hometown.  She acted in community and small regional theaters while also performing stand-up comedy and improvisation.  She then moved into the world of singing and was lead singer for “Hiram and the Royal Crown” performing blues and R&B classics.  The band toured the southwest and produced an album of original rock songs.  After singing the blues for several years Suzy decided she needed to lighten up and entered the wonderful world of clowning.  She performed classic Commedia Del Arte at several fairs.  Some of her favorite roles are Puccinella and Pantelone.  Suzy studied at the Clown School with Christina Lewis and with James Donlon and Lenny Pitt at the Flying Actors Studio.  At Flying Actors Suzy was fortunate to meet Cathy Diebold of “Clown Snot Bombs” whom she performed with on the reality TV show “Fake Off”.  Suzy continues to perform her very funny magic show for kids all over the San Francisco Bay Area as well as storytelling, face painting, and balloons! Visit her website for more info. 


James Sundquist is a Bay Area artist, actor, D.I.Y. enthusiast and musician that is proud to be working with ClownSnotbombs.  He has a double major in the Performing Arts and Creative Writing from Western Washington University, studied at Flying Actor Studio’s Physical Theater Conservatory, and toured as a Sound Design intern for the SF Mime Troupe.  He can also be found playing drums and percussion for Carl & Beatrice, Dubious Ranger, Thunderegg, Alex Jimenez and the Usual Suspects. 


Matt Hilliard (artist, puppeteer, prop maker) is an illustrator, painter, animator, and puppeteer. Matt has been collaborating with Clownsnotbombs since 2011. In January of 2015, Matt came to Georgia with the Clownsnotbombs crew to be a part of Fake Off Season 2 where he was instrumental in creating storyboards. Matt specializes in 2D and stop motion animation an is also a musician playing percussion, bass, didgeridoo and voice. Here is a video of his work.


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